ONE Campaign’s “TAKE ACTION” movement Led by Portsmouth youth activist, urges MP’S to end pandemic globally.

2 min readMar 4, 2022


A CAMPAIGNER discussed with parliament in doing more in tackling unequal vaccine access to developing countries.

Youth activist Ella Reilly, 18 from Baffins, had led the “TAKE ACTION” initiative by ONE Campaign, in highlighting the lack of vaccinations developing countries has access to in combating the COVID-19 pandemic on a global scale.

With a petition where over 130,000 people had asked the governments to go further and faster to vaccinate the world and end the pandemic. ONE Youth Ambassadors and Reilly to spoke with Professor Sir Andrew Pollard (prior to meeting with parliament) about his role in trialling the Oxford AZ Vaccine and his views on the role vaccine equity plays in ending the pandemic.

On the 23rd of February, Reilly with a group of liked minded youth activists associated with ONE campaign headed down to parliament, prepared with key statistics and details of the specific ask they had for MPs.

Their main task was “Please write to the Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary, and urge them to do much more to tackle unequal vaccine access in low-income countries”.

Ella Reilly with Patricia Gibson MP (Source: Anna Gordon).

#EndThePandemicActionDay started from 2–4:30 pm, MP’s dropped in, speaking to Youth Ambassadors about the vaccine equity campaign.
Reilly had the opportunity to speak to Patricia Gibson MP and Chi Onwurah MP.

Each MP that attended had been given a specialised booklet that included tailored messages addressed to them from their constituents, expressing concern over the slow pace of the UK’s approach in delivering vaccines to developing countries.

ONE Youth Ambassadors Ella Reilly (right) and Agnese Cigliano (middle) speaking with Professor Sir Andrew Pollard (left). (Source: Anna Gordon).

The young activist had said, “The event was a refreshing reminder that many of us want to see a global approach to ending this pandemic and it was great to hear the same messages echoed from MPs too”.

“It was very satisfying to know that many of the MPs we met with would go away and urge the PM and Foreign Secretary to do more to ensure equitable access to vaccines in low-income countries”.