Portsmouth’s Oldest Theatre Announces its “expedition tours” to be held.

1 min readJan 31, 2022

The Groundlings Theatre Trust as it was formerly known situated at 42 Kent Street, Portsmouth has announced that they shall be offering tours to the public.

The tours are to commence on the 27th of January 2022 and end on the 1st of December 2022.


Each tour is to be led by an ensemble of costumed actors, to provide an authentic experience to the history of the building as “a unique opportunity to soak up its rich and beautiful history”.

The Groundlings Theatre (Source: Jack Sandhu)

The theatre relies heavily on the fact the building is listed as a grade II heritage site, as this known fact is likely to turn some heads and invoke interest for those that are history enthusiasts.

Tobias Robinson Executive and creative director said “The tours are a great way to bring families and members of the communities with the theatre and local history, as custodians its a pleasure to share what we love with others”

Tickets are to be purchased for £5 per head and the tour is to have an expected run time of 60mins